A Sunny Snowy Day of Photography

Last week I was dying to shoot and finally got to today since I had no classes and had nothing else to do. Brooke and Zach tagged along too, so that made it even more fun! I did two shoots. One with my friends Justina and Kelly, and the other with my neighbor Paige. I must say that they were all great models!

For the shoot with Jutina and Kelly, I liked the nice shadows in this nook of trees. I dont mind harsh lighting in some cases and I think it worked fairly well in these images.

I love the way the light is hitting their hair.

I love Justina’s eyes in this photo, they are stunning! She is just so naturally gorgeous!

Yes, that is my boot in the lower right….I thought it was funny that Zach wanted to shoot exactly where I was standing. haha.

Paige was a great model, even after almost dying on the ice and having her feet freezing in her chucks after walking through the snow. And last by not least I decided to try another panoramic since Jon so kindly reminded me how wonderful they are.

This is comprised of 11 images that fist together perfectly the first try. I had to do a little cropping of course because it was shot handheld, but all in all I was very pleased.


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