Northern Uganda Meets Charleston, SC

Last week I decided it would be extremely awesome to go see Heather McClintock‘s Northern Uganda exhibition in Charleston, SC.  So here we are, Layne, Robin, Nikki, Brooke, Zach, and I in lovely Charleston.  We left around 10:30 this morning after some minor complications and arrived around 4pm.  Thankfully it didn’t rain at all during the drive and we were able to leave all of the nasty, icy Boone weather behind.

Heather’s work is amazing!! Her images are so stunning and powerful.  With each photograph was a quote or description pertaining to the photo.  Most of the images were self-explanatory and needed no explanation due to the impact of the image itself.  However, the descriptions made the image become even more alive and relatable because you could feel the person’s pain or at least be able to understand on some small level what they were experiencing.  I can’t imagine going through some of the things these people have experienced.  Even through it all they have hope and the joy of life and take their trials with stride and continue to move on with life.  One image that really stuck out to me was a photograph of the phrase “God is love, we need to feel in love” written on a cloth.  It really struck me because with all the torture, rape and hardship these people have endured, they still believe that God loves them and is there for them and is helping them survive.  Definitely check out Heather’s website, it is well worth the time!!

During our first day in Charleston I took a bunch of photos, of course, around the gallery and our ventures around town.

Layne decided she wanted to borrow this guy’s board and stand on it for a photo…..

This is Layne about the ride the board……and this is Layne after realizing that wouldn’t be a good idea because the floors were greatly loved. haha. I love her so much!!

Robin being her gorgeous self!

Zach posing for me as we were walking around starving and partially lost.  But this is not new for me and my “amazing” sense of direction… the amazing sense of direction that actually does not exist.

More photos will be posted soon, so stay tuned!!


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