This is an account of my Hawaiian adventures so far on the island of Maui.  My brother and I arrived on Saturday the 15th after a wonderful 10 hour flight plus another flight to Maui.  The majority of this post will be photographs, I mean I’m a photographer so what better way to highlight my trip, with occasional explanations. I hope you enjoy!

This is Honolulu on our flight from Honolulu to Maui.

The view from where we are staying!!

One day we traveled the Road to Hana or technically known as the Hana Highway. Ironically enough, this “highway” has a speed limit of 15mph, hundreds of sharp curves and about 56 one-way bridges. Kinda crazy!

Along the Road to Hana we cam across these Rainbow Trees, or otherwise known as Rainbow Eucalyptus. They are so awesome!!!

I’m probably the  only person who visits Hawaii and photographs dead thing. haha. I like it though!!

This photo has a funny story as you can probably imagine by the fact that the water is coming at me.  It also proves that God has a good sense of humor. The water was breaking against these cliffs and spraying up and it looked really cool so I decided to get some cool photos of it.  Well, when I first saw it the water wasn’t splashing that high and I knew I’d be ok, so I asked the Lord for a big splash. You know, one that would make a cool photo.  So one finally came…..and kept coming…..and landed on top of me. It was the funniest thing ever and I can just imagine God laughing and being like “well, you asked for a big one!!”  haha.  I was slightly freaking out because my camera got wet, with salt water no less, and stopped working for a bit.  Its working fine now though so that is great!!!!

This sunset was from a couple days ago, but yesterday we went on a sunset sailboat cruise so there will be more sunset photos coming soon! I’ve also be in a panoramic craze so I will probably do a whole post of just panoramics once I get them all put together.


One thought on “Aloha!

  1. aaroneliz says:

    kaitlyn! those rainbow trees! what the heck? the picture is phenom!

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