Nicaragua: Playa Roca and Leon

Monday and Tuesday are our break days, so we went to Playa Roca, aka the beach, and Leon. We rode a hammock filled cattle truck to the beach and stayed the night. The waves were so HUGE and it was awesome!!! We just hung out on the beach, played in the waves, swam to an island, learned how to catch crabs, worshipped around a bonfire and watched amazing lightening over the ocean. Pretty much a perfect day!

The hammock-filled awesomeness!! I believe we had about 5 hammocks hung in that truck!

Playa Roca

Crazy awesome lightening!!!!


Our team!

Oh yeah, so I got taken down by a wave, and it stole both my contacts, so I was borrowing Anna’s glasses so I could at least see somewhat better.

We prayed for this guy who was asking us for money.  He was in some war and had a bullet wound that was still hurting, but got completely healed!!  Awesome!!!

On top of a cathedral in Leon. That mountain in the background is actually a volcano!

Beautiful Faith!

It rained again….welcome to the rainy season!!

I have some panoramics from Playa Roca and Leon coming once I get ahold of a computer with photoshop, so stay tuned!

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