Nicaragua: Volcanoes. Kids. Love.

There is really no possible way to express all my love for Nicaragua in words so I shall do it through photos!

This girl loves my camera and taking photos as well as being photographed.

We played soccer barefoot in a muddy field against the Nicaraguans. They gave us a run for our money. I dont even know who won, but it was so much fun!

It is rainy season in Nicaragua so it rains at least once a day.

This house was awesome! This woman’s daughter’s leg got healed. She limped into the house and was jumping on it when we left. They both also got healed of a generational heart condition.

This woman’s arm also got healed in that same house!

The house is the Bloquera where we are staying and behind it is a volcano! Awesome!

The most epic form of travel ever! Hammocks in a cattle truck!

Cerro Negro…..the volcano we climbed and surfed down the other side.

We walked through a volcano crater!

Our Boards.

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