Belize: The Adventure Begins….

Thus begins the Belizian explosion that is about to happen to my blog.

From August 3rd to August 13th I was on a missions trip to Belize. It was an amazing experience and made me miss Nicaragua (check out my blogs about Nicaragua from July 2010) even more than I still do. The travel there and back was probably the most eventful and unusual that I have ever experienced. On the way there I was up (or didnt actually “go to bed”) for about 47 hours. We drove from Greensboro to Raleigh, took a place the Charlotte (everybody else went to Atlanta), then another plane to Cancun. From there was rode in a van for 5 hours to the Mexican border. Once at the border we were stuck in “limbo” for 2 hours because our ride, who was actually there the whole time, didnt know who to look for and neither did we. After almost hitching a ride in a random pickup we found our bus and rode 8 hours (it doesn’t actually take that long but we were driving slow and it was a sketchy bus) to Dangriga, Belize and arrived at about 5am. It was a crazy experience!!

We stopped in Mexico and ate some amazing food!!

Driving through Mexico!

We stayed at the Pastor and his wife’s house. Their house was across the street from the Caribbean Sea and an awesome pier that was always filled with kids. This is the view from the room Heather and I stayed in.

This is the view of where we stayed from the pier. So gorgeous!! 

I will be posting a blog specifically with photos of the pier very soon! I have so many!!

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