The Longest Week of Our Lives

I wrote some of this in my last post, but it apparently didnt work. So I will update you now….


So, on Wednesday, May 1st our well broke. We toughed it out using gallons of water to shower until Friday evening when we decided this was ridiculous and called Linda Gable (her and her husband, Tommy, started NewSong Mission in Nicaragua) and she let us stay the night at her house. I never knew a shower could feel so good. While we were at Linda’s, Melissa was able to talk to her about her plans for ministry and her rehab center. Basically, in a nutshell, Melissa decided to change the direction of her ministry and stay focused  on the main reason why God sent her to Nicaragua, which was to be a mom for Darling, and foster children. She also decided to find a new place to live with cheaper rent and a well that isn’t constantly breaking (among other  things)……also a place that isnt overrun with bugs, have a rat and bat living in the kitchen, a frog living in the living room, bugs randomly coming out of the  walls, and reliable electricity. Read Melissa’s blog for more info about her ministry and her take on all these events.

The next night, since our well still was not fixed, we stayed at Jason Greene’s hostel in Matagalpa. While there we met Joey, who has now become a great friend of ours. I am currently designing him a logo for the coffee company he wants to start out of Orlando, FL, selling freshly roasted Nicaraguan coffee to help support his ministry, as well as other people’s ministries and organizations. He has been here multiple times and helped start a surf ministry in Jinotega, in northern Nicaragua, and is in the process of aquiring land to start a skate part in Matagalpa. Melissa and I spend the whole evening talking about Jesus with him and we all experienced some more much needed spiritual breakthroughs. Also, that evening we got our well working again, but still decided to stay at the hostel to rest and try not to stress out.


The next day, Joey and I worked on contacting realators to help Melissa find a house. Later that afternoon, Melissa got a new foster child, Geraldo. He was an adorable 4 year old. That night we decided to go back to the house to get the children settled and see if we could do some cleaning since the water was working again.

Then, on Monday, Geraldo’s brother came to get him, but we got another child, Anielka. She is a  precious 10 year old girl, and her and  Darling have become good friends. After we got her, we went to look at some houses, none of which were what we wanted.

The following day, we picked up Joey and  went back to look at a house we werent able to get into. It was prefect. The three of us had prayed about the house Melissa was supposed to have, and we got the colors blue, yellow, and pink, and a palm tree. This house is a beautiful blue on the outside, a rainbow of colors in the inside (including yellow and pink), and theres a palm tree out front. Its so prefect!! I have also never seen so many colors in one house. It has been referred to as Concord Mills Mall, the inside of a kids playhouse, and Candyland (which we have decided to name the house). We also have an amazing view of the mountains and the sun sets right outside that window as well.


So, that was our crazy week!

Yesterday (May 12th) we found a Spanish/English church we like and both today and yesterday, we started moving Melissa’s house. It will be so nice when its all set up. I have decided I do not like moving. Or maybe its just the Nicaraguan style of “moving” which involves throwing everything in whatever kind of container or bag you can find, putting it in the back or a truck, and taking it to wherever you’re going. Not very efficient or convenient. So today, Joey and I left Melissa……wait, let me back up for a sec….

About our well again. So how it works is the well pumps water to these  two tanks that  runs water to our faucets. Apparently there is a break in the line somewhere so when the tanks are on water leaks. We did not know this so our tanks ran dry. To get the pump to work you have to prime it with water. This is not possible is you dont have any water to begin with. So we borrowed the neighbors hose across the street, primed the pump and finally started filling the tanks. Conveniently enough, the power went out before the tanks were full. Fortunately we had enough water to last for a little while until the power came back on. The real problem happened   on Friday when a pipe inside the well (or somewhere, we don’t really know how this works) broke so we can no longer pump water out of the well. We had just enough water to last until Sunday when we could move into the new house.


So Sunday. We werent able to get the key to the house until later than expected so we took a small load to the house and dropped  it off. Then, since we had no water at the other house, we stayed at Jason’s hostel again. We are growing rather fond of that place actually. Thats where my story left off….

So Joey and I left Melissa and the kids at the hostel and went to start moving stuff from the house. We got a huge load and dropped it off. I am SO tired now and my body will probably hate me tomorrow. We are at the hostel again tonight because the new house is still a mess from moving and smells like paint fumes. Tomorrow we should be able to finish all the rest of the moving! Yay!


In regards to my nonprofit stuff, I will be doing some work from, NewSong this weekend and some photo/video work with Joey of the surf ministry in Jinotega the following weekend. I will also be doing some work with a few other local organizations, as well as one in Honduras. I’m really excited!!

Thanks for reading such a long post! There will be more photos from here on out, I promise! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Longest Week of Our Lives

  1. What great work you are doing! How often do we take simply blessings such as running water for granted. Thank you for the work you are doing, and thank you for sharing your stories.

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