Israel | Day 3 | Sea of Galilee | Golan Heights

We woke up to the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, in Tiberius, and it was GORGEOUS!! After much needed coffee and some breakfast, we went to the Jesus Boat Museum to see a boat dating from the time of Jesus. It was probably similar to one He would have used.


While at the Sea of Galilee we took a boat ride out onto the sea. Our pastor, Dr. Peter Wyns, gave a message about Jesus walking on the water (Matt. 14) and calming the storm (Matt. 4). Afterwards our boat captain lead us in worship including some of his own songs. It was such a moving experience being able to worship on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus himself taught.

After the Sea of Galilee we headed to the Hula Valley and the Tel Dan Reserve, which the Dan river flows through. The Dan River is one of the rivers that feeds the Jordan from the melting snow from Mount Hermon. Interestingly, only a small portion of Mount Hermon is within the borders of Israel (the rest is in Lebanon and Syria), but the majority of the water from the melting snow flows from its summit into Israel and to the Jordan River.


This is Abraham’s Gate, that dates back to the Bronze Age, and could have possibly been that gate that Abraham walked through when he went to rescue Lot after the people of Dan took him prisoner.


Next we ventured into the Golan Heights and ate lunch at a Druze restaurant. Their specialty was a grilled cheese crepe thing with a cheese called labneh, which is a sour tasting Lebanese cream cheese. The restaurant overlooked the Golan Heights and a volcanic lake called Ram Lake.


The video below is of our drive through the Golan Heights on our way to lunch.

The following stop was Mount Bental, a former military outpost, overlooking the Kunetra Valley or “Valley of Tears.” This mount has a spectacular view of the Golan, Mount Hermon and even Syria to the east.


The mountain covered in snow in the far distance is Mount Hermon.


The old Israeli bunkers were open for us to go down into, it was pretty cool!!


After a full day of adventuring around Israel, we ended at the Jordan River for baptisms. This was the very river, probably not the same location though, where Jesus was baptized by John and the Holy Spirit descended on Him in the form of a dove (Matt. 3:13-17)


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