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Nicaragua: Black and White

Andres and I……this was taken (probably accidentally) by one of the kids on the base. I Love it!!!

Nicaragua is Love….it has a piece of my heart!

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Nicaragua: Volcanoes. Kids. Love.

There is really no possible way to express all my love for Nicaragua in words so I shall do it through photos!

This girl loves my camera and taking photos as well as being photographed.

We played soccer barefoot in a muddy field against the Nicaraguans. They gave us a run for our money. I dont even know who won, but it was so much fun!

It is rainy season in Nicaragua so it rains at least once a day.

This house was awesome! This woman’s daughter’s leg got healed. She limped into the house and was jumping on it when we left. They both also got healed of a generational heart condition.

This woman’s arm also got healed in that same house!

The house is the Bloquera where we are staying and behind it is a volcano! Awesome!

The most epic form of travel ever! Hammocks in a cattle truck!

Cerro Negro…..the volcano we climbed and surfed down the other side.

We walked through a volcano crater!

Our Boards.

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Nicaragua: Playa Roca and Leon

Monday and Tuesday are our break days, so we went to Playa Roca, aka the beach, and Leon. We rode a hammock filled cattle truck to the beach and stayed the night. The waves were so HUGE and it was awesome!!! We just hung out on the beach, played in the waves, swam to an island, learned how to catch crabs, worshipped around a bonfire and watched amazing lightening over the ocean. Pretty much a perfect day!

The hammock-filled awesomeness!! I believe we had about 5 hammocks hung in that truck!

Playa Roca

Crazy awesome lightening!!!!


Our team!

Oh yeah, so I got taken down by a wave, and it stole both my contacts, so I was borrowing Anna’s glasses so I could at least see somewhat better.

We prayed for this guy who was asking us for money.  He was in some war and had a bullet wound that was still hurting, but got completely healed!!  Awesome!!!

On top of a cathedral in Leon. That mountain in the background is actually a volcano!

Beautiful Faith!

It rained again….welcome to the rainy season!!

I have some panoramics from Playa Roca and Leon coming once I get ahold of a computer with photoshop, so stay tuned!

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Today was our first trip to the base in Candelaria! AND we got to see Brianna!! I havent seen my roommate in like 3 months so it was wonderful! Its so surreal that we’re actually here, but its amazing at the same time. It was so great to meet the kids today and hang out and try to speak their language. Im gradually catching on to Spanish and Im sure it will get better!!

If we dont drink water there will definitely be dehydration issues!


Dance practice!!

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Nicaragua: Getting There!

Right now I am sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport. Yes, we are still in the United States.  I shall explain….

On Wednesday July 21st, we went to Ashville to stay with Jake and Ashley then left the next day for Atlanta to fly to Managua, Nicaragua.  Our flight that was supposed to leave at 6:50pm got delayed to 8:15pm and then got cancelled due to maintenance issuse. The only other flight to Managua through Spirit Air was the following Wednesday which was not an option.  Britty and Marshall are such great leaders and immediately looked  into all possible options to get us to Managua as soon as possible! To make a long story short, we basically, we prayed our way onto two flights to Fort Lauderdale the next morning.  God is so great! Spirit Air made us hotel arrangements that night again went awry.  The new flight plans split us up, the Shack’s and I, and everybody else.  About an hour ago I found out that the everybody-else part of us got a direct flight to Managua from Atlanta! yay! At least half of us will be there. And just a minute ago I found out that we’re GOING TO MIAMI and catching a fligth at 6pm to Managua!

So far it has been quite an eventful trip! We have gained traveling companions, Melina, a older lady from Nicaragua, and Jeff, who was also bound for Nicaragua.

Here’s some photos of the trip so far….

Ninja at Jake and Ashley’s

Hanging out at the Atlanta…..

Big Boy in the Atlanta Airport

Our side trip to Miami

Fun in the Miami Airport

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