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Israel | Day 4 | Mount of Beatitudes | Capernaum | Beit She’an


We started the day off at the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).



We hiked up the hillside to the top and sat under a tree while Pastor Peter taught. It was neat to be able to sit in a similar place where Jesus taught and listen to a sermon there as well. The view was spectacular overlooking the Sea of Galilee.



The hike up the hillside had tons of gorgeous scenery and I was constantly being told to keep up. I managed to get some pretty nice photography though and the one above, of the olives, is probably one of my favorites from the whole trip. On a side note, we were told we could eat the olives right off the tree. I, however, would not advise that because they taste TERRIBLE!!!




While near the Sea of Galilee, we went to Capernaum, the “Town of Nahum,” where Peter, John, James and Andrew resided. This location was the site of the greatest number of Jesus’ miracles and where he moved from Nazareth in Matthew 4:13-16. It was also in Capernaum that Jesus taught and cast out demons (Mark 1:21-29), Peter’s mother-in-law was healed (Mark 1:30-34) and Jairus’ daughter was healed (Mark 5:21-45). However, in Luke 10:12-15 Jesus also cursed the city.



This is the site of Peter’s home where Jesus lived for a period of time.



Our next destination was Biet She’an, which is a strategically placed city at the junction of the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley. 1 Samuel 31 states that after the Philistines defeated the Israelites at the nearby Mount Gilboa, they hung King Saul’s body on the walls of Beit She’an. Later the city was renamed Scythopolis, and became the capital of the Decapolis.

In the photo above, Peter was very proud of himself for finding a piece of rebar somehow and using it to point out landmarks as our tour guide talked about them.


I liked the tile! Also more proof I was here since I was behind the camera the majority of the time. You gotta shoot fast to keep up with Peter too!


Reflection of ruins in a pool of water.







Thanks for reading! I will be posting more from the trip shortly!

I am also selling prints and printed items of images from Israel, as well as Nicaragua and Belize. All proceeds will go towards mission trips to Grenada (follow link for more info) and Newburgh, New York this summer. Thanks!

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Israel | Day 3 | Sea of Galilee | Golan Heights

We woke up to the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, in Tiberius, and it was GORGEOUS!! After much needed coffee and some breakfast, we went to the Jesus Boat Museum to see a boat dating from the time of Jesus. It was probably similar to one He would have used.


While at the Sea of Galilee we took a boat ride out onto the sea. Our pastor, Dr. Peter Wyns, gave a message about Jesus walking on the water (Matt. 14) and calming the storm (Matt. 4). Afterwards our boat captain lead us in worship including some of his own songs. It was such a moving experience being able to worship on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus himself taught.

After the Sea of Galilee we headed to the Hula Valley and the Tel Dan Reserve, which the Dan river flows through. The Dan River is one of the rivers that feeds the Jordan from the melting snow from Mount Hermon. Interestingly, only a small portion of Mount Hermon is within the borders of Israel (the rest is in Lebanon and Syria), but the majority of the water from the melting snow flows from its summit into Israel and to the Jordan River.


This is Abraham’s Gate, that dates back to the Bronze Age, and could have possibly been that gate that Abraham walked through when he went to rescue Lot after the people of Dan took him prisoner.


Next we ventured into the Golan Heights and ate lunch at a Druze restaurant. Their specialty was a grilled cheese crepe thing with a cheese called labneh, which is a sour tasting Lebanese cream cheese. The restaurant overlooked the Golan Heights and a volcanic lake called Ram Lake.


The video below is of our drive through the Golan Heights on our way to lunch.

The following stop was Mount Bental, a former military outpost, overlooking the Kunetra Valley or “Valley of Tears.” This mount has a spectacular view of the Golan, Mount Hermon and even Syria to the east.


The mountain covered in snow in the far distance is Mount Hermon.


The old Israeli bunkers were open for us to go down into, it was pretty cool!!


After a full day of adventuring around Israel, we ended at the Jordan River for baptisms. This was the very river, probably not the same location though, where Jesus was baptized by John and the Holy Spirit descended on Him in the form of a dove (Matt. 3:13-17)


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Welcome to Israel!

Shalom from Israel! Our group from Antioch International Church in Fort Mill, SC, as well as a few of us from Sumter, SC and Florida,  made it to the Holy Land at about 7am on February 10th after 2 flights, 2 airlines and may hours of travel. The first destinations on our itinerary, besides a coffee shop to satisfy our extreme need for caffeine, was Joppa (Japho) and Mount Carmel.


Before we left on our adventure, Robyn and I thought an effective way to put our bodies on Israel time was to not sleep the night before…..I’m still not sure how effective that actually was, but that’s what we did. So here is to adventure and very little sleep!


This view of Tel Aviv was take from Joppa, the ancient Mediterranean seaport that Jonah set sail from on his way to Tarshish. Joppa is also the place where Peter lived for a short time and where we received the vision of unclean spirit descending in a sheet in Acts 10.


The Jezreel Valley from top Mount Carmel, it doesn’t do it justice. Mount Carmel is where Elijah had his standoff against Baal/Asherah in 1 Kings 18:17-46.


Group Leader 1 aka Peter Wyns, teaching us about the valley.


This “compass” showed the geographical locations of many places in Israel from Mount Carmel.

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Gemini Ascension | UpStage (NoDa) Charlotte, NC

Last week I tagged along with my friend Amanda, of Back Seat Photography, to a spoken word/singing/poetry event at UpStage in Charlotte, NC, featuring Tenisha Jones and Venah Stalling of Gemini Ascension. I must say, their performance was powerful and moving. Definitely a very enjoyable night with some awesome people!

I love simple shots like this especially with the fuzzy Christmas lights in the background!

20150409_UpStage_071_logoThese ladies were phenomenal!

20150409_UpStage_073_logo 20150409_UpStage_078_logo 20150409_UpStage_083_logo 20150409_UpStage_090_logo 20150409_UpStage_126-Edit_logo

This is one of my favorite photos from the night. She has such a great smile!

20150409_UpStage_dypt20150409_UpStage_136-Edit_logo 20150409_UpStage_157_logo20150409_UpStage_dypt_220150409_UpStage_logoI like playing with available light and being able to make it work to my advantage. So gorgeous!

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The Collection CD Release | Blind Tiger | Greensboro, NC

Back in July, The Collection had their CD release party at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC. Being a fan and friend of this amazing band, that is more like a folk orchestra, I had to attend. I hadn’t planned on taking and photos, but my camera was in my car and conveniently charged so I figured why not! If you haven’t heard their music, please check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

_MG_8330_WEB _MG_8364_WEB _MG_8388_WEB


I was going through some hard drives recently and found some photographs from school that I actually still like. The first 3 are in the studio, and the last 2 are large format.


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Revolution Retreat 2012

I am staff at a college ministry at my church called Revolution Ministries. We went on a retreat last weekend and here are a few shots I especially liked that I wanted to share.





My good friends at the Bro House (or Kyle) got a baby Pit. He’s so precious! I took him outside to play so he wouldnt drive us crazy and snapped these shots.

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This has been an eventful (and expensive) week! Two days ago I bought a Canon 5D from my good friend, Adam and a week from today I am going on a missions trip to Belize. I am so glad to finally have something that is full frame and better than my 30D. I cant wait to use it in Belize!! Stay tuned because I will be posting photos from Belize!

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