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Jovan | Wayz | Album Cover Shoot | Downtown Greensboro, NC

I have been privileged to become friends with some amazing musicians, and this guy, Jovan (Wayz), is one of them. He is a hip-hop/rap artist who is a song-writing machine and lives and breathes to be in the studio. Over the past 2 months he has been working on producing his first album which lead to this photo shoot to create his album art. I am beyond excited about how the album cover turned out!!  As much as I would love to post it all over social media RIGHT NOW, I’m going to wait until the album is actually finished….so me, as well as you, must be patient!  In the meantime, enjoy these images!


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Senior: Brittni

My Mom’s friend contacted me to photographer her homeschooled daughter’s senior portraits. I met Brittani the day of the shoot and she is a gorgeous spirited girl with a lot of passion. She was a great subject and we had a lot of fun on the shoot…..including random guys dancing in their car and yelling at us and wind that would not cooperate. It was a great and successful time!!

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Rachel: Class of 2011

My friend, Rachel, just graduated and I had the honor of doing her senior portraits. It was super fun minus the extreme heat and humidity. And we trespassed twice. Yes, we’re awesome!!

She wanted to go to this secret place that actually isnt that much of a secret to most of our friends. Its so cool though! I love this bridge!!

Into the Night

Tonight my friend, Joanna, wanted me to take some photos of her in the dark. So, being always up for a challenge, I accepted.  We walked up and down Tate Street using only available light, which is actually quite abundant on that street if you’re paying attention.  It was encouraging that I actually got some decent shots without using lights and shooting at night.

A beautiful day with a beautiful girl!

Last week I got my 50mm 1.4 lens for graduation and finally had the chance to mess around with it this week and photograph my beautiful friend Heather.  I shot pretty much wide open the entire time to play with the depth of field. I absolutely love this lens!! Enjoy!

Spring on the Parkway

Currently I am sitting in the Charlotte airport getting ready to board a flight to Hawaii.  Yeah, I know, Hawaii!!! On Sunday I graduated from Appalachian State University and it is great!! Its kind weird and hasn’t sunk in yet, but its so exciting!  On Thursday I moved back to Greensboro which was very bittersweet since the majority of my friends are still in Boone.  I will be going back to visit as often as possible.  Before I left Boone, I had some time to photograph my friend, Kasey Lowry, and her friend Megan on the parkway in the gorgeous Boone weather.

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Skin and Silhouettes

I haven’t posted in a while and feel really horrible about it.  I haven’t been shooting as consistently as I would like, besides once a week in the studio, because of all the snow that has gotten dumped on Boone. I have, however, been busy editing some photos that I plan to post soon. In the mean time, here are a few shoots from the other day.

This was a skin shoot for my Fashion and Beauty class.  My friend and dancer, Kelly, modeled for me, so her back is amazing! I think it turned out well and I really love the dramatic shadows!  My friend, Ian, suggested turning it into a series and I’m really excited about that idea, so we’ll see where that goes.

After my initial shoot I wanted to mess around with some backlighting.  I did backlighting one other time but it didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted. It took a while to set up the lights because I was having trouble with the floor being too dark and her being too light.  After adjusting my aperture so it wasn’t wide open (which I should have realized in the first place, duh!) we had success. This photo required minimal editing which was really exciting! All I did was make the background more white and add a curves layer. The silhouette of Kelly is as it was shot!

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I’ve started shooting a series of people’s backs, actually I started yesterday but its going great so far.  I photographed 6 of my guy friends and hopefully next week I’ll shoot a few more and a bunch of girls. So excited!! The series is based off of my friend Kelly’s back thats a few posts back.  After all that I had some extra time in the studio so I messes around with some more back lighting which I really like.  I forcibly mohawked Brandon’s hair and got these cool pics!! I’ll post back photos once they’re edited!

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What better way to start Spring Break then with a photoshoot in wonderful weather? Last night at 1am I drove home to Greensboro and arrived super late. It was worth it though, because today was gorgeous and sunny and 50 degrees with NO SNOW!! Finally! I told my friend Joanna that I wanted to photograph her while I was in town, so we got together and did some shooting.  We ended up in Stokesdale in this little nook of woods.  The late evening light was really nice, thought a little hot at times. I’m practicing using my flash….still…..but I think it finally clicked today and I get it now! Enjoy!

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A Sunny Snowy Day of Photography

Last week I was dying to shoot and finally got to today since I had no classes and had nothing else to do. Brooke and Zach tagged along too, so that made it even more fun! I did two shoots. One with my friends Justina and Kelly, and the other with my neighbor Paige. I must say that they were all great models!

For the shoot with Jutina and Kelly, I liked the nice shadows in this nook of trees. I dont mind harsh lighting in some cases and I think it worked fairly well in these images.

I love the way the light is hitting their hair.

I love Justina’s eyes in this photo, they are stunning! She is just so naturally gorgeous!

Yes, that is my boot in the lower right….I thought it was funny that Zach wanted to shoot exactly where I was standing. haha.

Paige was a great model, even after almost dying on the ice and having her feet freezing in her chucks after walking through the snow. And last by not least I decided to try another panoramic since Jon so kindly reminded me how wonderful they are.

This is comprised of 11 images that fist together perfectly the first try. I had to do a little cropping of course because it was shot handheld, but all in all I was very pleased.

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