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Israel | Day 4 | Mount of Beatitudes | Capernaum | Beit She’an


We started the day off at the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).



We hiked up the hillside to the top and sat under a tree while Pastor Peter taught. It was neat to be able to sit in a similar place where Jesus taught and listen to a sermon there as well. The view was spectacular overlooking the Sea of Galilee.



The hike up the hillside had tons of gorgeous scenery and I was constantly being told to keep up. I managed to get some pretty nice photography though and the one above, of the olives, is probably one of my favorites from the whole trip. On a side note, we were told we could eat the olives right off the tree. I, however, would not advise that because they taste TERRIBLE!!!




While near the Sea of Galilee, we went to Capernaum, the “Town of Nahum,” where Peter, John, James and Andrew resided. This location was the site of the greatest number of Jesus’ miracles and where he moved from Nazareth in Matthew 4:13-16. It was also in Capernaum that Jesus taught and cast out demons (Mark 1:21-29), Peter’s mother-in-law was healed (Mark 1:30-34) and Jairus’ daughter was healed (Mark 5:21-45). However, in Luke 10:12-15 Jesus also cursed the city.



This is the site of Peter’s home where Jesus lived for a period of time.



Our next destination was Biet She’an, which is a strategically placed city at the junction of the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley. 1 Samuel 31 states that after the Philistines defeated the Israelites at the nearby Mount Gilboa, they hung King Saul’s body on the walls of Beit She’an. Later the city was renamed Scythopolis, and became the capital of the Decapolis.

In the photo above, Peter was very proud of himself for finding a piece of rebar somehow and using it to point out landmarks as our tour guide talked about them.


I liked the tile! Also more proof I was here since I was behind the camera the majority of the time. You gotta shoot fast to keep up with Peter too!


Reflection of ruins in a pool of water.







Thanks for reading! I will be posting more from the trip shortly!

I am also selling prints and printed items of images from Israel, as well as Nicaragua and Belize. All proceeds will go towards mission trips to Grenada (follow link for more info) and Newburgh, New York this summer. Thanks!


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Big Daddy Weave | My Story Tour | The River Place | Fort Mill, SC

The River Place in Fort Mill, SC hosted Big Daddy Weave‘s My Story Tour in October. I remember hearing their music a long time ago but had never really gotten into them. The concert was amazing and the band was really great! This was the first concert we’ve hosted at The River Place, and things are off to a great start! Stay tuned to their website and Facebook for upcoming concerts!



Big Daddy Weave 2


Big Daddy Weave 5

20151003_BigDaddyWeave_353 Big Daddy Weave 7

Big Daddy Weave 4





Big Daddy Weave 3


Big Daddy Weave 6


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Newburg, NY | Missions Trip | CFM & Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church

This past July I went on a missions trip to Newburg, NY with Antioch International Church through CFM (Christians For Messiah Ministries). We ran a VBS in conjunction with Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church, based in New Platz, NY. The kids in this town were amazing and full of energy! God did some great things in the hearts of these children and we were honored to be a part of it!

NY blog image 1

The kids had a blast splashing me with water. My camera did well, considering I encouraged the splashing directly at me.


NY blog image 2


NY blog image 3


NY blog image 4


NY blog image 5


NY blog image 6


NY blog image 7

Newburg, NY Missions trip with CFM and Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church

NY blog image 8


One of the only photos I actually ended up in because my friend had my camera. He did pretty good though, got some lens flare and all!

Newburg, NY Missions trip with CFM and Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church




On the last day a boy brought his American flag to camp. This is one of my favorite photos! God Bless America!!

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