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Jovan | Wayz | Album Cover Shoot | Downtown Greensboro, NC

I have been privileged to become friends with some amazing musicians, and this guy, Jovan (Wayz), is one of them. He is a hip-hop/rap artist who is a song-writing machine and lives and breathes to be in the studio. Over the past 2 months he has been working on producing his first album which lead to this photo shoot to create his album art. I am beyond excited about how the album cover turned out!!  As much as I would love to post it all over social media RIGHT NOW, I’m going to wait until the album is actually finished….so me, as well as you, must be patient!  In the meantime, enjoy these images!


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Civic Threads

I recently did a photo shoot for Civic Threads in downtown Greensboro. They print sweet T’s, mens and women’s apparel, local handmade items, and have their own line of “I love Greensboro” apparel and accessories.

Check out their website. Visit their store. Buy their stuff.


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Blind Tiger- Pizza Jams

A few weeks ago I got to have some fun photographing my friends band at the Blind Tiger, in Greensboro, NC. I haven’t photographed any live shows in a while so this was really fun! Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!


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Senior: Brittni

My Mom’s friend contacted me to photographer her homeschooled daughter’s senior portraits. I met Brittani the day of the shoot and she is a gorgeous spirited girl with a lot of passion. She was a great subject and we had a lot of fun on the shoot…..including random guys dancing in their car and yelling at us and wind that would not cooperate. It was a great and successful time!!

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Awaken City Church…..OFY

I feel the need to post photos….I mean I’m a photographer, what can you expect? My church, Awaken City Church, is pretty legit so these are some photos I really liked of the college/youth from OFY (On Fire Youth) at some of our meetings.

OFY worship

Worship at the Bro House!

Baptisms in a fountain at UNCG! I love this photo SO much!!!

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