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Israel | Day 4 | Mount of Beatitudes | Capernaum | Beit She’an


We started the day off at the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).



We hiked up the hillside to the top and sat under a tree while Pastor Peter taught. It was neat to be able to sit in a similar place where Jesus taught and listen to a sermon there as well. The view was spectacular overlooking the Sea of Galilee.



The hike up the hillside had tons of gorgeous scenery and I was constantly being told to keep up. I managed to get some pretty nice photography though and the one above, of the olives, is probably one of my favorites from the whole trip. On a side note, we were told we could eat the olives right off the tree. I, however, would not advise that because they taste TERRIBLE!!!




While near the Sea of Galilee, we went to Capernaum, the “Town of Nahum,” where Peter, John, James and Andrew resided. This location was the site of the greatest number of Jesus’ miracles and where he moved from Nazareth in Matthew 4:13-16. It was also in Capernaum that Jesus taught and cast out demons (Mark 1:21-29), Peter’s mother-in-law was healed (Mark 1:30-34) and Jairus’ daughter was healed (Mark 5:21-45). However, in Luke 10:12-15 Jesus also cursed the city.



This is the site of Peter’s home where Jesus lived for a period of time.



Our next destination was Biet She’an, which is a strategically placed city at the junction of the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley. 1 Samuel 31 states that after the Philistines defeated the Israelites at the nearby Mount Gilboa, they hung King Saul’s body on the walls of Beit She’an. Later the city was renamed Scythopolis, and became the capital of the Decapolis.

In the photo above, Peter was very proud of himself for finding a piece of rebar somehow and using it to point out landmarks as our tour guide talked about them.


I liked the tile! Also more proof I was here since I was behind the camera the majority of the time. You gotta shoot fast to keep up with Peter too!


Reflection of ruins in a pool of water.







Thanks for reading! I will be posting more from the trip shortly!

I am also selling prints and printed items of images from Israel, as well as Nicaragua and Belize. All proceeds will go towards mission trips to Grenada (follow link for more info) and Newburgh, New York this summer. Thanks!


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Welcome to Nicaragua

Nicaragua is Amazing!!


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We went to another village in Belize and did Vacation Bible School for a day. The kids there were awesome….and crazy!!

One of our games involved water balloons.

And limbo which they kind of understood but had fun so that was the most important.

These girls are so cute!! Every child in Belize was obsessed with silly bands!










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Belize: Pier

The pier was probably one of the most fun places to hang out with the kids. And there were always kids on the pier fishing, swimming, or hanging out with us. I’m pretty sure at one point I helped every child in the ocean get out by way of the beams where there wasn’t any decking. It was crazy! Most of the time the kids would exit the water by climbing up the cement columns of the pier which is a lot harder than they made it look. Being the determined the stubborn person that I am, I finally managed the climb out that way and was very proud of myself!

John was the first on in to ocean.

This is a Blue Crab that Mark caught…..

….and this is Mark with his crab!

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Belize: The Adventure Begins….

Thus begins the Belizian explosion that is about to happen to my blog.

From August 3rd to August 13th I was on a missions trip to Belize. It was an amazing experience and made me miss Nicaragua (check out my blogs about Nicaragua from July 2010) even more than I still do. The travel there and back was probably the most eventful and unusual that I have ever experienced. On the way there I was up (or didnt actually “go to bed”) for about 47 hours. We drove from Greensboro to Raleigh, took a place the Charlotte (everybody else went to Atlanta), then another plane to Cancun. From there was rode in a van for 5 hours to the Mexican border. Once at the border we were stuck in “limbo” for 2 hours because our ride, who was actually there the whole time, didnt know who to look for and neither did we. After almost hitching a ride in a random pickup we found our bus and rode 8 hours (it doesn’t actually take that long but we were driving slow and it was a sketchy bus) to Dangriga, Belize and arrived at about 5am. It was a crazy experience!!

We stopped in Mexico and ate some amazing food!!

Driving through Mexico!

We stayed at the Pastor and his wife’s house. Their house was across the street from the Caribbean Sea and an awesome pier that was always filled with kids. This is the view from the room Heather and I stayed in.

This is the view of where we stayed from the pier. So gorgeous!! 

I will be posting a blog specifically with photos of the pier very soon! I have so many!!

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Nicaragua: Black and White

Andres and I……this was taken (probably accidentally) by one of the kids on the base. I Love it!!!

Nicaragua is Love….it has a piece of my heart!

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Nicaragua: Playa Roca and Leon

Monday and Tuesday are our break days, so we went to Playa Roca, aka the beach, and Leon. We rode a hammock filled cattle truck to the beach and stayed the night. The waves were so HUGE and it was awesome!!! We just hung out on the beach, played in the waves, swam to an island, learned how to catch crabs, worshipped around a bonfire and watched amazing lightening over the ocean. Pretty much a perfect day!

The hammock-filled awesomeness!! I believe we had about 5 hammocks hung in that truck!

Playa Roca

Crazy awesome lightening!!!!


Our team!

Oh yeah, so I got taken down by a wave, and it stole both my contacts, so I was borrowing Anna’s glasses so I could at least see somewhat better.

We prayed for this guy who was asking us for money.  He was in some war and had a bullet wound that was still hurting, but got completely healed!!  Awesome!!!

On top of a cathedral in Leon. That mountain in the background is actually a volcano!

Beautiful Faith!

It rained again….welcome to the rainy season!!

I have some panoramics from Playa Roca and Leon coming once I get ahold of a computer with photoshop, so stay tuned!

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Today was our first trip to the base in Candelaria! AND we got to see Brianna!! I havent seen my roommate in like 3 months so it was wonderful! Its so surreal that we’re actually here, but its amazing at the same time. It was so great to meet the kids today and hang out and try to speak their language. Im gradually catching on to Spanish and Im sure it will get better!!

If we dont drink water there will definitely be dehydration issues!


Dance practice!!

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