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Gemini Ascension | UpStage (NoDa) Charlotte, NC

Last week I tagged along with my friend Amanda, of Back Seat Photography, to a spoken word/singing/poetry event at UpStage in Charlotte, NC, featuring Tenisha Jones and Venah Stalling of Gemini Ascension. I must say, their performance was powerful and moving. Definitely a very enjoyable night with some awesome people!

I love simple shots like this especially with the fuzzy Christmas lights in the background!

20150409_UpStage_071_logoThese ladies were phenomenal!

20150409_UpStage_073_logo 20150409_UpStage_078_logo 20150409_UpStage_083_logo 20150409_UpStage_090_logo 20150409_UpStage_126-Edit_logo

This is one of my favorite photos from the night. She has such a great smile!

20150409_UpStage_dypt20150409_UpStage_136-Edit_logo 20150409_UpStage_157_logo20150409_UpStage_dypt_220150409_UpStage_logoI like playing with available light and being able to make it work to my advantage. So gorgeous!

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Blind Tiger- Pizza Jams

A few weeks ago I got to have some fun photographing my friends band at the Blind Tiger, in Greensboro, NC. I haven’t photographed any live shows in a while so this was really fun! Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!


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Cool Hand Luke/Harvest House

Sunday night two great bands played at Harvest House in Boone, NC…..Cool Hand Luke and Harvest House.  I saw Cool Hand Luke a few years ago at Liberty University when the band was still around and it was great! This time only Mark is still carrying on the band, but he was really amazing!! Harvest House, a local band of Boone, NC, opened and they continue to get better every time I see them.  And they are my neighbors so of course they are good!! Tim Roberts, a music major here at Appalachian State University, killed the drums, SO great!!!

Ben Roberts of Harvest House

Cool Hand Luke

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Harvest House

Harvest House is a new venue in Boone, NC (located next to the bowling alley on Boone Heights Drive).  Last week Flagship played an amazing show for a Why the Woods? benefit concert.

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