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Jovan | Wayz | Album Cover Shoot | Downtown Greensboro, NC

I have been privileged to become friends with some amazing musicians, and this guy, Jovan (Wayz), is one of them. He is a hip-hop/rap artist who is a song-writing machine and lives and breathes to be in the studio. Over the past 2 months he has been working on producing his first album which lead to this photo shoot to create his album art. I am beyond excited about how the album cover turned out!!  As much as I would love to post it all over social media RIGHT NOW, I’m going to wait until the album is actually finished….so me, as well as you, must be patient!  In the meantime, enjoy these images!


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Dresses by Melissa Hartwick

This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing phenomenal dresses designed by my friend, Melissa Hartwick.  Melissa and her mom did such a great job organizing everything and came super prepared which was awesome.  The models were wonderful as well and so great to work with! It was such a fun time! Enjoy these gorgeous dresses!

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I’ve started shooting a series of people’s backs, actually I started yesterday but its going great so far.  I photographed 6 of my guy friends and hopefully next week I’ll shoot a few more and a bunch of girls. So excited!! The series is based off of my friend Kelly’s back thats a few posts back.  After all that I had some extra time in the studio so I messes around with some more back lighting which I really like.  I forcibly mohawked Brandon’s hair and got these cool pics!! I’ll post back photos once they’re edited!

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What better way to start Spring Break then with a photoshoot in wonderful weather? Last night at 1am I drove home to Greensboro and arrived super late. It was worth it though, because today was gorgeous and sunny and 50 degrees with NO SNOW!! Finally! I told my friend Joanna that I wanted to photograph her while I was in town, so we got together and did some shooting.  We ended up in Stokesdale in this little nook of woods.  The late evening light was really nice, thought a little hot at times. I’m practicing using my flash….still…..but I think it finally clicked today and I get it now! Enjoy!

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